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My Story

     Does your MLM business make you feel like a fool? Boy! I felt that way many times over the years in this venue. You sponsor someone, and you are on Cloud 9, and then you get a NO, and you want to quit...they should call this Yo-Yo Marketing.

     How many times did you think you came to the end of the road? WHY? You ran out of names, and approaching people in the street was not your way......so you resort to buying lists. And of course, the cheapest ones give you the most names, but they are not always reliable. Then, you're about to start calling the list but realize you do not know what to say to anyone who might answer the phone. Finally, you say what the heck and start dialing for dollars, realizing that most people on the list do not remember responding to any ads. Or, they are just tire kickers at best; in fact, if you get a live voice on the other end, nowadays, you are in rare company.

     I have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. My background is in sales, and I still had a hard time dealing with bone-heads, arrogant individuals, and flat out NO's in the MLM business. I could never understand why people did not see what I saw in the opportunity that I felt was my ticket to Financial Freedom. So, I got serious and started to delph into what I was doing that cause me all the grief. You see that until you recognize the problem, you can never understand the solution.


The Problem

     The problem was with me and my approach to people. They didn't know anything about what I was trying to convey to them. You see, I was selling them instead of building a relationship with them first.

     I began to ask questions about them to find out the needs they have and the problems they wanted to be solved.

     I knew that if I wanted to succeed in any business, whether face-to-face or online, I had to build relationships and brand myself.

     It's never too late to Reinvent Yourself!

The Solution

    I have been around Network Marketing since the 1980s with some excellent success and a lot of frustration. But, in the last year, I have come to learn that to be successful today, you need to know how to Brand Yourself....let me repeat that "Brand Yourself."

     Creating relationships with people who begin to have sincere trust in you and your knowledge will help them achieve a very high level of success in any online business. These individual relationships will and can be made with what I have learned from my present mentors, and I can pass on to you. Let my 30 plus years experience in Network Marketing shorten your time to success through Online Marketing. 

     I love to coach and help people, you just need to be coachable and have a burning desire to control your life instead of letting others do that to you. Are you ready for the next step in your life? 

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